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Why Video Legal and Deposition Services are Beneficial

There is a lot to be missed relying solely on traditional stenography, which is why legal video services and video deposition services can be extremely beneficial. The tone and facial expression, overall bearing and demeanor of a witness cannot be as adequately explained in a transcription. Using video court reporting in conjunction with a transcription sets forth these elements of a deposition and are made available to review later in legal proceedings. Video court reports can be very helpful in capturing elements of a deposition that is missed in transcriptions which can not only work to supplement the memory of what has happened already, but can be useful assistance in convincing a jury of a specific position through review that engages in images as well as words.

Video Court Reporting by Certified Videographers

Jersey Shore Reporting videographers are not contracted out but are our own in-house professional legal video specialist who will perform a high quality job every time. We eliminate the risk of hiring outside contractors who may or may not be amateur videographers. Our own videographers in new jersey have years of experience and the knowledge required to provide excellent quality material that meets your needs, including transcript synchronization, shadow box availability and courtroom playback on a 6 foot video projector.

Providing Experience Court Reporting at Reasonable Costs

Jersey Shore Reporting has taken more than 5000 video depositions and we have the experience and knowledge to produce an excellent quality video transcription for our clients. We provide VHS, Super VHS and digital formats in order to fit specific needs, and we offer statewide services at a flat, all-inclusive rate per day.

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