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Court Video Conferencing Saves Time and Money

Jersey Shore Reporting provides court video services to our clients that includes both court videographers on site as well as video deposition services that can help meet the strictures of tight budgets. On site we provide video transcription services, as well as video conferencing services to record deposition testimony. Rather than spend the time, effort and money traveling for a video deposition, our digital court reporting services provides the opportunity to get the information that you need from a witness without the cost of a plane ticket. This gives law firms the time to work more diligently on other aspects of the case, rather than spending time traveling.

Precision Reporting Saves Time

Using video conferencing to present depositions in court can also save time by providing accurate witness testimony in regard to demeanor, tone of voice, facial expression and other aspects of testimony that are less evident in written transcriptions. This is a major advantage over other methods of gathering information for witnesses who are not expected to actually appear in the context of the court proceeding.

Video Conferencing Prevents Burn-Out

Many law firm employees are salaried, and having to travel and set up for a deposition with someone at a great distance and cost can contribute to burnout. Conferencing video depositions is more efficient, less costly and can also improve the general morale of employees who can focus on more pertinent aspects of a case rather than spending time and effort traveling.

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