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Our State Certified Court Reporters Provide Professional Quality Transcription Services

The importance of a certified court reporter to the legal process cannot be understated. Not only must a complete and reliable transcription be made of every word uttered during the proceedings, but making the transcript readily accessible is also critical to the time and money spent on any specific case. A certified reporter has proven that he or she has the capacity to meet all the requisite responsibilities that are implied in the position, and has proven through certification that the expectation of a reliable standard of reportage by the court is appropriate.

A High Standard of Quality and Excellence

Jersey Shore Reporting provides statewide certified court reporting services that reflect a high standard of quality and excellence in providing services in the context of any court or legal proceeding requiring our expertise and experience. Our 38 certified court reporters offer almost a millennium (800) of combined experience. We provide transcription services, video recording, e-transcription and condensed reports as well.

We Minimize Cost and Optimize Quality

Our highly trained experts in court reporting and video court recording, including stenography and other services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients at an affordable rate to our clients. Our objective is to provide quality services at prices that keeps our clients returning to us in the future, and we have built our reputation on our ethics, integrity and low-cost court services. Accurate and reliable court reporting is crucial in the context of legal proceedings; we make sure that you can count on us to provide both at a cost you can afford.

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